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Celeritas Sports® was selected by Walmart Corporation for their "Get on the Shelf" 2013 national competition...

Celeritas Sports® is a sports company established in 2006 by Reginald Williams. The word “Celeritas” is a Latin-based word that can be translated as “fast” or “speedy,” an excellent match for the sports-related theme.

The Celeritas Sports® logo is comprised of three overlapping C’s, which creates an artistic design that fits well into today’s market. The three overlapping C’s is an abbreviation for Celeritas and also represents the symbol “C” the universal notation for the speed of light. As popularized in Albert Einstein's famous equation E = mc˛.

Our motto's: Celeritas is Fast! ℠ ... Run at the speed of light ℠... "Celeritas" made popular by Albert Einstein ℠

Our mission is to be the best sports company worldwide and support local, national and international charities.

Our products are available at www.Sears.com, Alibaba.com - coming soon to Walmart.com

Celeritas Sports will attend the popular Magic Fashion Show in Las Vegas, Nevada in February of 2016.

Please use this email address: info@shopceleritas.com

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